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While some people are focusing on the Playoffs, some others are already working hard for the NFL Draft. That’s the case of Jason Poe, Offensive Guard of the Mercer Bears. After his successful NCAA career, he is taking his first steps heading into the 2022 NFL Draft. Projected as an early 3rd day pick (4th-5th Round), Poe is working out to prove himself a valuable addition to any OL in the NFL.

After out scouting report in @SocarratCollege, which you can see here, we had the opportunity to chat a little bit with him and learn more about his game and person:


1.A lot of players played different sports when they were in High School before focusing on football. Did you play any other sport besides football? If so, has it helped in any way on the football field?

I started off playing late. I started off playing sports at the end of my 10th grade year or beginning of 11th grade year. While I was starting football I picked up track and field. I threw the shotput and discus. I was a second place runner up at State.


2.You spent a year as JUCO in Hutchinson Community College and you remember it kindly. How would you describe your year there?

JUCO was a very unique year and experience for me. I was a freshman out of High School and there were so many athletes from High School and bounce backs from D1 colleges. The competition was very talented at the time and we also were in the conference with Independence Community College that was on “Last Chance U”. I played fullback my freshman year college at Hutchinson Community College from there I started all of the games we played. It was a very crazy journey because I never played in the backfield before, but once I learned it it was easy. I just had to study really hard in my playbook and ask a lot of questions that got me to the starting position my freshman year so that I didn’t have to redshirt.


3.Then you went to Lenoir-Rhyne before transferring to Mercer. From JUCO to D-II to D-I. How did it influence your mindset? Was it hard for you to transition?

It wasn’t really a hard transition because I already knew what I had to do. I had to keep staying on the same track that I have been on all of my life. I knew that if I wanted to make it to the NFL that I had to do things that nobody ever does at that level. I was a two time All-American, two time First-Team All-Super-Region-2 and two time First-Team All-Conference. I was considered the best offensive lineman in Division II from multiple sources.


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Jason Poe, First-Team in the Southern Conference of the FCS – Twitter. 

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4.What is your favorite moment/memory in your College career?

My favorite memory will probably be when we played Chattanooga right before the conference championship to move onto the next game. It was a low-scoring game and both teams missed game winning opportunities. We firmly moved it into the end zone and scored at the last minute to put the game away. Also I would say 2018 Lenoir-Rhyne vs Wingate. That was a crazy game we won by a Flea-flicker while being on fourth down to win the game. The crowd went crazy and blew the roof off of that little stadium in Hickory, North Carolina.


5. Do you have any pre-game ritual?

I usually just pray and listen to music before every game.


6.What do you think is your best asset as a Guard?

I would say that my best asset would be either my speed or my strength. Both of those options give me power over my opponent no matter how big or powerful they are.


7.Which stadium where you have played impressed you the most? In which stadium do you want to play a football game?

Truthfully I would say the University of Alabama that impressed me the most. I loved the environment. I also want to play in any NFL stadium at the NFL level.


8.What do you think is the key to succeed on a football field?

The key to succeed on the football field is to focus and listen to your coaches. With that being said you also need to have that lion mindset to take over everyone on the field.


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Lion mindset, key to succeed on the field – Twitter. 

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9.Who was your favorite player as a kid? And now?

I would say either Sean Taylor or Ray Lewis.


10.Which player do you watch the most to try to get better? And who was the toughest player you have ever played against?

I watch Quinton Nelson a lot. He’s a great player. I’ll look up to him. The toughest player I ever played against would be Will Anderson.


11.We are from Spain, have you ever been there? If so, what did you like the most? If not, any chance to visit Spain?

I have never been to Spain but I definitely would like to go to all of the historic places there just to see the amazing culture.


We want to thank Jason for this interview and his attention and kindness toward us. Of course, we from @SocarratCollege are proud of him and wish him a lot of success on and off the field.